Reverse Logistics

We pride ourselves on our ability to maximize residual value on overstock, obsolete, discontinued, retired or even pure scrap broadband and wireless devices.

Our asset recovery and reverse logistics specialists have a broad knowledge of the volatile global market and determine which devices are best for resale on the secondary market, assigned for refurbishment or repair, parted out for chipset value, or recycled to the most stringent environmental standards for precious metal content. Our goal is to provide you the best value the market will allow for your stale and end-of-life assets and to become a long term partner in your asset recovery replenishment chain.

solutions-2Kika is proud to partner with our sister company, Kika E-Cycling for all true end-of-life recycling and precious metal reclamation. Kika E-Cycling is an R2 certified pending global electronics recycler. Kika E-Cycling is on the forefront of environmentally secure electronics recycling, while leveraging key relationships with primary smelters for top-end pricing to be shared with our clients.

Reverse Logistics Has Immense Residual Value

We have found that many recyclers and asset recovery companies do not realize the residual value that exists in broadband devices. Do not hesitate to offer us any aircards, USB modems, mifi hotspots, routers, fixed wireless terminals, inbedded modules, cell phones or other electronics no matter the quantity, age, or physical condition. Our team will evaluate the products and provide a multitude of options for maximum residual value and/or safe disposal.

Our industry-leading asset recovery and reverse logistics services will address your needs, turn unwanted assets into revenue and further your business goals - all without creating adverse losses or increasing operational costs.

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