Wholesale Air Cards & Distribution

Kika is an industry leader in the wholesale trade of CDMA, GSM, WiMax and LTE broadband hardware.

Whether you are a Carrier, MVNO, Retailer, Wholesaler, M2M Solutions Provider, or End User, Kika can provide you with hardware in any quantity, from 10 pieces to 10,000+, customized to your exact needs at price points extending the best possible value. We carry devices from 2G up to state-of-the-art across all technology platforms including CDMA, GSM, WiMax and LTE. We provide all form factors including USB modems, Mifi hotspots, imbedded modules, routers, fixed wireless terminals, signal boosters, amplifiers and more.

We stock devices in every stage of the life cycle including master carton brand new, refurbished, buyer’s remorse or carrier return, like new used tested, cosmetic fail used tested and as-is. We can provide you retail ready product with a multitude of device and packaging customizations, or devices as bare-boned as you require. We cater to clients across every end of the spectrum.

Bulk Air Cards & Distribution

Our pricing is typically 30-80% lower than buying direct from manufacturers and carriers

We pass these savings along by specializing in overstocked, refurbished, buyers remorse, or used tested broadband products.  Our product knowledge and technical know how allows us to warranty our secondary-level products at close to manufacturer standards. Our mission is to provide you immediately marketable products at pricing that significantly undercuts buying direct; with the same level of comfort you get from buying brand new.

Bottom line: If a Tier 1 or 2 carrier has released a broadband device, we probably stock it in a multitude of cosmetic conditions. We also stock a wide variety of modems from around the world, locked or unlocked, and pride ourselves in our ability to locate hard-to-find broadband products.

Contact us to learn how Kika’s Wholesale department has revolutionized the way broadband hardware is distributed.

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