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Kika is a global distributor of cellular broadband hardware, with a constant supply of devices across all technology platforms and along every stage of the life cycle.  Whether you are sourcing newly released, state-of-the-art devices or units that have been discontinued or considered end-of-life, we stock it all.


Kika eCycling

Kika is proud to offer top level recycling solutions for the wireless and computer industries in North and South America.   With a direct-to-smelter relationship, there is simply no safer way to recycle electronics from an environmental or data safety standpoint.   Contact us to learn how much your old technology is worth.

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Reverse Logistics

We pride ourselves on our ability to maximize residual value on overstock, returned, obsolete, discontinued, retired or even pure scrap broadband and wireless devices. Our extensive global network allows us to extract value from devices at any level in the life cycle.

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M2M Solutions

With every day that passes, Machine to Machine communications become more vital to day-to-day operations.  Kika is on the forefront of M2M technology, offering SMS Marketing solutions as simple as standard modules or modems, or as robust as GPS tracking and industrial or extreme climate applications.

Kika has emerged as the go-to source in the wireless industry for USB modems, Aircards, Mifi Hotspots, Embedded Modules, Cellular Routers, Fixed Wireless Terminals and other mobile connection devices.

Whether you are a Carrier, MVNO, Retailer, Wholesaler, or M2M Solutions Provider, Kika Enterprises can provide you with hardware customized to your exact needs at pricing that will dramatically impact your bottom line.

We are partnership driven and we look forward to working with you. Peruse our site for more information or click Contact US below to reach us immediately.

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