10 Apps to Look Forward to in 2015

Back to Blog  •  Posted on December 16, 2014 by admin


While you may already have many of your favorite apps installed and used regularly on your iPhone, there are a few upcoming apps you might want to make space for in 2015.

10. Swype
Why type when you can Swype? Typing on your phone is done much faster and smoother than ever before. All you need to do is swipe your finger across the keys to type in a word, so you literally don’t have to lift a finger.

9. Dungeon Runner
If you ever need motivation for a light workout then Dungeon Runner is the app for you. This game uses motion-tracking gameplay so you can do jumping jacks, punches, squats and more to pass the game.

8. Facebook Groups
It won’t be hard to keep up with your Facebook groups anymore. Facebook has launched this app where you can see all your groups in one place and also create/discover groups while keeping them all organized.

7. Weather or Not
With Weather or Not, weather will always be beautiful. This app visualizes the weather and pairs it with the location and time of your events to help you get a better view of the day.

6. Stringer
Stringer is a new way to listen to music in shuffle mode. Now you can control all the shuffling in the way of a single, unified thread of all your songs with this new app.

5. Hanx Writer
Created by actor Tom Hanks, this app will allow you to change your keyboard to recreate the experience of a manual typewriter.

4. Next Glass
With this nifty app, you can get personalized beer and wine recommendations with a simple scan of a bottle. It can be scientifically tailored to your tastes with regular use.

3. File This
Never lose track of important bills and documents again. File This can help you organize and import all of your digitized files into one app.

2. One More Line
This highly addictive, one button, skill timing game is brand new and is a fine replacement to those old games you don’t play anymore.

1. Vainglory
Vainglory is sure to be at the top of the app store charts in 2015. This amazing game is one the most complex and impressive apps to come out yet.