5 Common Problems Commercial Fleets Face

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Every commercial fleet manager knows that time is worth money. The ever-changing market is introducing new obstacles inherent to managing a commercial fleet. Kika Enterprises has the tools you need to keep your operation running on time and on budget. As an industry leader Kika offers a vast selection of wholesale aircards.  Kika offers GSM, CDMA, WiMax and LTE broadband hardware products that modernize the way you track your fleet of vehicles. From 10 units to over 10,000, Kika stocks products feature cutting edge technology at affordable prices.

The following are five of top challenges facing commercial fleets today and how Kika’s innovative product line can help solve them.


Locating Specific Fleet Information Fast

Fleet managers must oversee a vast number of vehicles and keep track of information that is constantly changing. The task of locating specific vehicles is difficult and time-consuming.

Purchasing wholesale aircards from Kika allows fleet managers to keep track of vehicle activity instantly with alerts. Fleet assets can be outfitted with broadband hardware capable of relaying meaningful information quickly and help identify routes that can be made more efficient.

Controlling Unauthorized Use of Company Assets

Many fleet managers spend precious time trying to monitor misused assets such as drivers operating vehicles off the clock, traveling in unauthorized areas, and reckless driving. These bad habits lead to a host of problems including loss of revenue to the company and risk of litigation.

Kika equipment, including wholesale aircards, will keep an eye on all of your fleet’s assets 24/7/365. Whether monitoring a vehicle’s speed, location or how it’s being driven (unsafe swerving and braking), information you need to know can be sent directly to an operator’s mobile device. Additionally, this vehicle information can be saved and analyzed at a later date by fleet managers.

Making Software Systems Scalable

Fleet operators can become overwhelmed with managing more and more assets as their company rapidly expands due to purchasing and integrating new businesses. This rapid growth can lead to overexerting existing hardware and software systems.

The term “scalable” refers to software applications that are designed to grow with the needs of the company. With Kika equipment and wholesale aircards, managers can rest assured that an expanding data set will be protected no matter how fast the company grows.

Managing a Widely-dispersed Fleet

Managing a fleet means locating assets dispersed over a large geographic area. With fleets constantly moving farther away from headquarters, fleet operators can struggle with locating vehicles quickly and communicating with drivers.

Kika’s large selection of broadband hardware will assure that you will never be out of touch with your fleet no matter how far away it may be.

Fully Utilizing Fleet Assets

With larger fleet operations, it’s not uncommon to misplace or lose track of valuable vehicles. Unused assets cut into a businesses bottom line. The money used to pay for the vehicles insurance and registration could be put to work for something else.

With Kika wholesale aircards and other GPS tracking technology, fleet operators can make sure all assets are used to their full potential and armed with information about the quality and usefulness of company assets to boost productivity and profits.

Kika Enterprises is your one-stop source for wholesale aircards and a huge selection of broadband wireless hardware that will help make your commercial fleet run smoothly and profitably.