7 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

Back to Blog  •  Posted on August 11, 2014 by admin

Cell phones are capable of some pretty amazing things these days, but if you own an iPhone, it does a lot more than you’re probably even aware of. From the interesting to the practical, here are seven things you didn’t know your iPhone could do.

1. View Text Message Timestamps

Are you tired of never knowing when a text message was sent or received? If so, there’s a deceptively easy solution. In a conversation, simply place your finger on one of the text bubbles and slide it to the left. This will display timestamps for each text message.

2. Have Siri Dictate Your Emails

Occasionally, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to read your email, but you can’t really dedicate your attention to the reading part. In this case, you can say “Read my email” to have Siri dictate them to you. You can even ask Siri if you have email from a particular person by saying “Do I have email from (person’s name)?”

3. Curious About Those Planes Overhead?

Have you ever wondered what planes are flying overhead and how far up they are? The next time you’re curious, ask Siri “What flights are above me?” and she’ll oblige with a list of flights, their altitude and their angle.

4. Delete Text Easily

If you need to delete a lot of text, it can be irritating to do it one letter at a time. To save yourself a lot of time and frustration, just give your iPhone a good shake. This will display an option delete all of the text in a field.

5. In Need of a Level?

When it comes to hanging or mounting something perfectly straight, most people simply don’t have a level lying around. However, if you have an iPhone, then you have the digital equivalent. All you have to do to access the tool is swipe left in your compass app.

6. Faster Charging

It happens to all of us at some point. You’re in a rush or you need to use your phone, but the battery is almost dead and it’ll take too long to charge. When this happens, just switch it to airplane mode to make it charge twice as quickly.

7. Different Vibrations for Different Occasions

Phone vibrations are a great way to know you’re receiving a text message or a phone call in cases where you may not hear it ringing. Unfortunately, up until now, there was no way to tell who it was from. It could be your friend asking if you want to go out, or it could be your boss demanding that you cover somebody on your day off. To make things easier, open up your contacts app to set a custom vibration for each person.