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Beautiful Sustainable Electronic Packaging

Back to Blog  •  Posted on August 5, 2014 by admin

In the world at large, eco-friendly is the new black. Packaging is no exception. More and more companies are looking to create aesthetically pleasing packaging that has a minimal environmental impact. Take a peek at some truly inspired designs below.

1. SPACK by GrupoVibra

verizon aircards

SPACK is a portable loudspeaker developed in Chile. The entire loudspeaker is encased in beautifully decorated cardboard, exclusive designs done by one Colombian and three Chilean artists.

2. Dell Servers by Ecovative Design

verizon aircards
Known for being one of the greenest hardware providers in the world, Dell is again proving their commitment to innovation by testing new mushroom– that’s right, mushroom– packaging for their large hardware. The end result is an organic material with very similar qualities to Styrofoam.

3. ReNu by Regen

verizon aircards

This sleek design is made entirely from paper and 100% reusable/recyclable cardboard. Underscoring Regen’s dedication to eco-friendliness is the muslin bag made of recycled fabric and use of die cuts instead of ink.

4. Solarbulb by Miniwiz

verizon aircards

Another fully cardboard design, Miniwiz’s packaging utilizes just enough material to contain their Solarbulb. Minimal material, easily recycled, and it looks good!


5. Glue-less Watch Box by Nooka

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Continuing their tradition of environmentally friendly design, Nooka unveiled a glue-less box that is entirely biodegradable. The design features die cut windows showing off the product inside, exquisite in its simplicity.


6. CX 300 Earphones by Sennheiser

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In a bold move toward eco-awareness, Sennheiser did away with typical plastic clamshell packaging. Attempting to limit the amount of material that winds up in landfills, the packaging for CX 300 earphones is made entirely of 100% recyclable cardboard.


7. Galaxy S5 by Samsung

verizon aircards

Samsung has announced its commitment to the environment and makes strides with its Galaxy S5 packaging. The elegant design features wood grain pattern made from %100 recyclable paper.


8. Lite2go by KnoEnd

verizon aircards

Lite2go is an innovative packaging design in that it has no real packaging. When the light is assembled, the plastic container unfolds to become the shade for the light fixture.


9. Kindle DX by Amazon

verizon aircards

Amazon’s Kindle DX features their frustration free packaging made from over 90% recyclable material. Adding to the design’s appeal is the fact that it ships in its own container.


10. Webbook by Litl

verizon aircards

Litl’s straightforward and simplistic design is made entirely from recyclable paper, and ships in its own container.