The Future of Mobile: 5 Hottest Mobile Predictions for 2015

Back to Blog  •  Posted on July 15, 2014 by admin

Mobility is embedded in almost every aspect of our culture. The newest trends in mobile technology combine the efficiency of everyday tasks with enhanced user experiences. The greatest advancements in mobile technology is size and capacity. Mobile technology is gaining creative momentum with greater processing power in a smaller package. Here are a few of the major trends for 2015 that will shape the mobile market forever.

Smart objects

Home appliances, sports equipment, and medical devices are gaining a few things in common. Several units have embedded wireless technology with enhanced architecture for domesticating the concept of “Internet of Things”. Equipment will be able to connect with a knowledge base for reminding the user of daily tasks. Smartphones will have multiple functions. These include home theater management devices, smart home monitors, and even virtual fitness coaches.

Virtual location sensing and infotainment

User experience trends show a shift in how users view technology. Mobile users are curious and a growing trend in finding information immediately in a given area will become more mainstream by 2015. Location finding and sensing technology will enable users to walk into places such as museums or towns and find the entire history of a given area. Precise location sensing will also enable users to gain personalized services targeted to their mobile device throughout the day.

Testing and metric monitoring

Mobile technology can be connected to thousands of online databases and servers across the world. Universities and scientific labs have tapped into this by using mobile technology for app and medical testing. The year 2015 will be a year of personal metric testing and analyzing user behavior to deliver a more custom mobile experience.

Mobile fashion

Google Glass and smart watches are just a few of the items that are changing the global wardrobe. Wearable devices will be a trend in 2015 due to the advancement of WiFi technology and processing power that uses less space. For example, smart watches can have high-definition displays that allow users to change the bezel using a downloadable skin. Wearable devices are available in a variety of styles that can also be masked as a medical device.

Multi-platform technology

Mobile smartphones and tablets can now run several types of operating systems. New application layouts and private vendor operating systems will create a niche of customized user interface experiences. The most popular form of this niche is the ability to support multiple applications in a single device.

The year 2015 will be a record-breaking year in some of the hottest trends in mobile technology. Adventurous users are enhancing the Internet of Things and mobile businesses are taking advantage of new user experience principles to create highly creative mobile management resources.