What is the Future for GPS Tracking Technology?

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It’s hard to imagine life without GPS. But, just a mere 15 years ago, this was reality. Since its widespread commercial release in the early 2000’s, GPS tracking technology has become ingrained in our society as an integral factor in our daily life. As GPS technology continues to advance and adapt, businesses and governments have developed innovative ways to utilize it. GPS tracking solutions have opened up a new door for streamlining every aspect of daily life, from vehicle location systems to retail and recreation. But, what does the future hold for GPS and other tracking technologies, and what effect will they have on your daily life?

How Businesses Will Use Your Smartphone to Track You

Domino’s Pizza has already begun utilizing GPS to track their delivery drivers, both for safety measures and to update the customer on the status of their order. However, in an effort to minimize the time food spends sitting out waiting, the pizza giant has recently announced plans to track customers who are en route to the store for a pickup using the GPS in their smartphones. According to an article in ZDNet, “When placing their order, the customer will tell Domino’s how they are getting to the store and their order will only commence when the customer has entered the ‘Cook Zone’”. This initiative by Domino’s only scratches the surface of what businesses are able to accomplish using the GPS tracking system in your smart phone, which begs the question: is sacrificing privacy a small price to pay for convenience and warm pizza?

Last year, Disney World implemented “MagicBands”; wearable devices that track guests in the parks and collect real time data to streamline every aspect of the experience. With the MagicBand, a guest can walk into a restaurant where they’ve made a reservation and be greeted by a hostess who was anticipating their arrival, and have their table ready and order placed before they even walk through the door. While it could potentially be considered creepy, we may be heading in a direction where the MagicBand concept is utilized beyond just Disney World – as businesses use the GPS tracking systems in your smartphone to track you and collect data. With this technology, things like shopping, air travel, going to a restaurant, staying in a hotel or going to a doctor’s appointment would be completely streamlined and hassle-free.


The Future of Location Tracking Technology

Traditional GPS tracking technologies utilize a system of 24 satellites that were launched into orbit in the 1970’s. Naturally, as with any 40-year-old technology, there is plenty of room for improvement. Existing and current fleet tracking systems can tell you the general area where your vehicle is located at a given time, but new technologies are able provide pinpoint location accuracy. The Geotab GO7 is a cutting edge new vehicle-tracking device that goes beyond the information that traditional GPS transmitters can provide. Geotab introduced powerful “breadcrumb trail” algorithms, which provide an unprecedented level of location accuracy for your vehicles. While Geotab’s algorithms and software are patented, competitors are moving in a direction of using similar algorithms in conjunction with existing GPS technology to drastically improve location accuracy for vehicle tracking solutions.

In addition to accuracy improvements, new technologies are opening doors for location and tracking capabilities in places that have previously been shaky or unavailable for GPS, like tunnels and buildings. And, while new alternative technologies like STL and IPS are promising, traditional Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are still the most universal and reliable location tracking solutions available today. Currently, the only operational Global Navigation Satellite Systems are America’s GPS and Russia’s GLONASS, which both consist of 24 satellites. However, the European Union and China are both currently developing their own GNSS’s. China’s Compass System and EU’s Galileo are both expected to be fully operational by 2020 at the earliest, and with this vast network of satellites, location accuracy & GPS tracking solutions will be stronger than ever.

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