How Kika can Help Secure your ATV Fleet

Back to Blog  •  Posted on November 2, 2015 by admin

You’ve invested a lot of money in your ATV Rental business and although there’s no shortage of competition, through the improved asset protection enabled by Machine to Machine tracking of inventory –in the field and in the lot– you are leading the pack by a long shot. Having achieved the best possible balance between legacy and new systems.

Protecting your fleet is a question of balance. One between efficient technology that continues to serve admirably, like some of your dedicated short range communications; GPS’, CB’s or the precise mobility still delivered by your fave model of air card.

That doesn’t mean that you’re not availing your fleet of the latest in Machine to Machine high tech gadgetry. It’s means you’re only spending for the latest and priciest M2M products when it truly makes sense for your enterprise. The true secret of your success has been that you know when to seek out expert advice rather than wasting your valuable time reinventing the wheel.

Implement Cost Effective Vehicle Telematics Solutions from Kika Enterprises: Monitor and Secure Your Fleet

The most successful ATV fleet manager’s today demand complete and up to date vehicle telematics.

Thanks to your technology partner, M2M decisions that other companies may take weeks or months agonizing over will take you only minutes with Kika. That’s because when a company is tops in their field –such as Kika Enterprises is in mobile broadband hardware– quick and efficient M2M solutions are their specialty.

For those fleets that are on a budget and are looking for inexpensive ideas on equipping, installing and monitoring their intelligent transportation systems, Kika’s got you covered.

Kika is an industry trendsetter in economic solutions for thorny problems like:

  • Which mobile broadband hardware do I use for the M2M tracking of my ATV rental fleet to best maximize up times?
  • What products do I purchase in order to stay abreast of current fleet management best practices?
  • How can reverse logistics make my enterprise more competitive?

Vehicle telematics delivers to your mobile device, laptop or computer terminal all of the real world, real time data –like exact geographic locations for every vehicle in your fleet at all times– that can help get your business to the top and keep it there.

Such elegant mobile data solutions are second nature to them and simply what they do. Check out Kika Enterprises for those hard to find M2M products that will help your business keep pace with the big boys at a fraction of their outlay.