Industries Most Affected by M2M Integration

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The 4th Industrial Revolution has brought with it countless changes affect various aspects of many industries. M2M integration, or machine-to-machine integration, is the process of machines communicating with one another automatically. In basic, this is the process of many aspects of businesses becoming automated by instant communication between machines.

The process of M2M integration has brought with it many changes for certain. Understanding the industries that are being affected most can help one understand how a business can respond meaningfully to these changing landscapes in business. There are five major industries that are being affected by these changes.

The first of these industries is Mobile Computing. Mobile computing devices have become more and more valuable as a tool to create control and communication for a company. As mobile devices have continued be used more and more, the industry of mobile computing can be expected to see an increase because of their part in machine-to-machine computing. Many of these mobile computing devices can also be used to collect data from machines to help companies understand the needs of customers.

The second of these industries is social media. Social media will play an enormous part in the increase of M2M integration. This is because the social media experience allows users to communicate about products. Companies can then use search engines to understand what people are saying about their companies and products. Industries and services that help companies do this can expect an increase M2M integration as well.

The third industry is the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things describes the inter-connectivity of devices connected to the internet infrastructure. Companies that utilize the Internet of Things, or IoT, can expect an increase in demand for their services they provided. This inter-connectivity is one of the foundations for M2M integration, opening up more possibilities for products companies can provide, and the collecting of data.

The fourth industry that is being affected is M2M integration itself. As IoT has allowed a platform for companies to create machines that communicate to each other, companies also are able to create machines that self-regulate themselves, or “smart machines”. These allow companies even more control as they create these types of products.

The fifth industry is big data and predictive analytics. As companies collect and analyze the data they receive from M2M communication and other research conducted, they are able to predict and analyze their business structure to better meet the needs of their company and customers.