Inside the Amazon Fire Phone: Where Everything Exists to Be Purchased on Amazon

Back to Blog  •  Posted on September 3, 2014 by admin

It seems as if almost every tech-savvy company in the world is looking to enter the smartphone market, and this is why Amazon’s release of the Fire smartphone did not come as a shock to many. Amazon has long been one of the most trusted and successful names on the internet, and they are now using this popularity to leverage their way into the mobile market with a smartphone that will house features and specs not seen on any other device in the world.

Any new smartphone is going to come up against some stiff competition streaming from companies like Windows, Google, and Apple. This is why they decided to rethink the smartphone from the ground up, adding features that are not only unique, but designed to blend in with the Amazon marketplace as seamlessly as possible. The actual specs of this smartphone are in the upper-middle of the pack when compared with devices such as the iPhone and Moto X, but it is the more unique groundbreaking features that are truly beginning to turn heads.Those using this device will immediately notice that the Amazon Fire phone has a number of cameras placed throughout the body, both forward and backward-facing. These cameras can be used to capture basic high-def pictures and videos, but they are also used for a number of other purposes including a mobile 3D display without the need for glasses or other hardware. The display tracks one’s face and uses overlapping screens and shading to produce a 3D effect that can be toggled on and off.This smartphone also comes with the ability to quickly scan millions of items throughout the world with the last count being just over 100 million items. The phone then redirects the user to the online Amazon store in order to purchase the product at a lower price or save it away to research it further. When traveling, cameras can be pointed at signs or writing in dozens of other languages and will then quickly translate it into the user’s language of choice.Along with some of these cutting-edge features, Amazon has also noted that they are devoted to unparalleled customer service with unseen integration into all other Amazon services. With a single tap of the screen, users can bring up a free chat 24/7 with an Amazon representative. With unique movements, such as quickly flicking the smartphone on its side, owners can access their favorite book, the mobile Amazon site, text messages, or starred contacts.