Instructions On Using Your iPhone as a Modem

Back to Blog  •  Posted on August 6, 2014 by admin

In today’s mobile society, there is a good chance you will be in an unfamiliar place while traveling and need to connect your laptop to the internet. Even though there are often hotspots available to connect to, a Wi-Fi connection is at your fingertips if you know how to use your iPhone as a personal hotspot. This type of feature is available on many different phone plans so it is important to check with your own service provider to see if this feature is available before you set out on your travels. If it is available, use some simple steps to connect your devices to your personal hotspot via Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi.

Step One

Go to your settings menu. This is generally on the first page and the icon looks like a gear wheel you might see in a clock. Touch this icon.

Step Two

Touch the “General” icon. Then locate the “Network” icon.

Step Three

Find the “Personal Hotspot” setting and switch it to “on”.

Step Four

Now you need to choose a connection. If you have an IPhone 4 and higher you can connect using Wi-Fi, if your computer is updated with an operating system and an updated version of iTunes. You may have to go through the steps to update your settings before you are able to use this feature. If you are going to connect via Bluetooth, you first need to make both devices discoverable in Bluetooth. In your settings menu go to “General,” “Settings” and “Bluetooth” to pair the devices. This will take a few moments while it searches and pairs the devices. If you want to connect using USB, use your dock to USB connector cord to attach your iPhone to your computer. This will physically connect your phone to your computer.

Step Five

For the last step you will need to launch your web browser to access the Internet. The connectivity will need to be checked on the side of the toolbar if you’re using Windows, or the signal icon on the upper-right side if you’re using a Mac computer. At this point you should be able to access the internet if your icons indicate connectivity.