What We Learned About M2M in 2014 and Projections for 2015

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Microprocessors and Sensors have dropped considerably in price which means the costs of making electronics for companies has dropped as well. Just about every part of electronics and communication has dropped in price in the past year. This has then carried over to cell phone companies dropping their prices and expanding their areas of availability to competitive levels in 2014.

This also helped in development of new technology in communication and all kinds of electronics. 2014 was also about offering new services to attract new customers and better serve the customers they already have and to compete to win the competition. This has helped build big business; in fact, these companies have made this a trillion dollar business. According to experts, this business will not continue to move higher financially in the next couple of years, but instead will hold steady for the next decade.

What are some of the questions that we will now be asking about communication and electronics as we are coming to a close in 2014?

The first question is, with all the millions and soon to be trillions of devices being used in this world, what will we do with all the information and data that everyone is using? All this information has to be broken down and looked at. Having to process all of it will cause huge workloads for many companies which could then leave us with problems with not only how to handle that much information, but also the security problems.

Hewlett Packard is addressing the issue by publicizing that they did a big change up this summer so that they could take their software division and correlate it with new procedures. This would include handling data and advancing their business, so evidently they have plans to handle this big process and predicament. In fact, this winter, they split into two businesses, one that will handle coming up with answers to these problems, and the second focusing on large equipment for businesses to address these data and internet issues. We also see improvements in data businesses discovering ways to be able to better handle processing data and make storage in “the cloud” work more efficiently.

The second problem is that we also have the issue of people’s information getting out to big businesses and hackers and not knowing what their information could be used for. Some people think that a possible example of this may be Google purchasing a company that makes a “Learning Thermostat” and carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. This could be a situation of attacking people’s privacy inside of their houses and maybe more. They do already make money processing data that they have access to.
Privacy and people’s information is becoming a huge concern in this age of communication and high end technology. Security and privacy is one of the biggest worries for most people as they are leaving 2014. As we advance our technology, there is an ever increasing sense of loss of control to businesses that will be able to have access to all our information through the data they have access to.

The third concern is that people know about the problems with people and companies alike being able to access their information and people don’t seem to be doing anything about it. Even with the stories in the news of big companies being hacked into and getting all their customers information taken. People are not protecting themselves by changing passwords to their accounts or their pins to their credit cards and debit cards. Security problems don’t seem to be slowing people shopping online, not even to the stores that got their computer information hacked. These stores don’t even know how their computers got hacked and are really going to need to find out how to protect them against it happening again.

The fourth concern that we should have is for any of the electronic or communication devices that can be worn, such as the Google glasses, sports devices that count or keep track of your activity, the bracelet that gives you access to your phone on your forearm and other devices like that. Smartwatches are becoming a real security concern since they seem to be such a popular item in 2014.

All of these things we have discovered in 2014 as issues that need to be worked on and addressed. Let’s hope as we are going into 2015 that we will be able to come up with solutions for these problems.