Corporate Company Car Fuel Tracking M2M Fleet Management

All businesses, enterprises, and even organizations are looking to to do better is collect the better data on cost involved with company cars. The biggest concern is the fuel cost. It’s no secret, keeping paper records and booking is not getting the job done. Discover Kika Enterprises, ALERT3 M2M Broadband company car fuel tracking system. These devices are accurate and powered by Verizon’s network. Investing into this technology and service will enable you to save money, report better, and get better tax breaks because of that accurate data collection. You can also manage your fleet of company cars better too. Let’s look at how this technology can help you manage your assets.

M2M Fleet Management Asset Protection Solutions

Asset Management today has never been easier. With the power of broadband cellular networks, powered by Verizon, Kika Enterprises can ensure real-time tracking of your vehicles, materials, and other unique assets. Take a look at some of the features our ALERT3 system posses:

Kika Alert3 Asset Management Features