Company Car Tracking Benefits M2M Fleet Management

There are a number of benefits when it comes to tracking your company vehicles. You’ve probably seeked out this page to find a hardware solution and monitoring service because of paper trails. The number problem with tracking company cars today are fuel cost and mileage. It’s no secret that there are numerous tax benefits from reporting your cost of doing business. There are special advantages for fuel cost and mileage reporting. However, this is just one of many benefits. Let’s look at how AlERT3 M2M system can help bring efficiency in asset management in your business and organization.

Company Car M2M Tracking Benefits

M2M Fleet Management Asset Protection Solutions

Asset Management today has never been easier. With the power of broadband cellular networks, powered by Verizon, Kika Enterprises can ensure real-time tracking of your vehicles, materials, and other unique assets. Take a look at some of the features our ALERT3 system posses:

Kika Alert3 Asset Management Features