Police Car Fleet M2M Management

Police forces have a vast amount of equipment to look after. From servicing police cars to tracking officers in the city, it’s not easy to manage with a human-to-database combo. Discover new/innovative machine to machine technology by Kika Enterprises. Manage your officers and know the where police cars are at all time! Kika’s ALERT3 modem and sensor combo works to send accurate data over Verizon’s robust, fast, and reliable cellular network. Powered by Broadband cloud monitoring you can now optimize human resources and resources by routing cars. If that’s not enough to convince you to budget and invest into this technology, how about the asset management efficiency? Never loose fuel cost to officers driving Police vehicles while off duty. Below are some highlights on how ALERT3 can be the new standard:

Police Car Fleet M2M Management Solutions By Kika Enterprises

So what kind of solutions can you expect to find using Kika’s ALERT3 hardware and cloud monitoring service? The most important features that ALERT3 offers break into three separate solutions and are virtually no limits to the type of applications you build. The first feature is the unlimited tracking, one-click location services, and stolen asset recovery technologies.

Unlimited Tracking So what is unlimited tracking feature do for your? The biggest feature is the vast amount of ports on our devices that enable to use multiple gadgets, tablets, phones, laptops, and or computers to instantly connect to your fleet of assets.
One Click Location The one click location is truly amazing! Integrated with Google Maps, you can gain a bird’s eye view of all your vehicles in operation. Did we mention real time? Google maps api enabled our developers to give you the micro ability to see street names, sides of town, and or areas you just are not familiar with. As a result, you can respond faster to in-time situations and become more agile in responding to sudden situations and changes in business. Stolen Asset Recovery

Discover The Power Behind ALERT3 Asset Management System

Asset Management today has never been easier. With the power of broadband cellular networks, powered by Verizon, Kika Enterprises can ensure real-time tracking of your vehicles, materials, and other unique assets. Take a look at some of the features our ALERT3 system posses:

Priceless Features of Kika Enterprises ALERT3 Asset Management System








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