How M2M Connectivity Will Be Simpler in 2015

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Wireless Maingate is a Swedish company that has obtained Sierra Wireless to build a more complete machine-to-machine (M2M) communications platform making the connectivity more simple. It will better connect the communications connection between cars, industrial services, smart meters and other sensors.

Sierra Wireless and Wireless Maingate will advance in the development of a platform that will offer connectivity and device management from one user interface. Currently, Maingate provides wireless services in Europe and Sierra offers a cloud-based application development platform.

Sierra Wireless is best known for their modems, but have recently developed a device management tool and a platform for easing the process of connected machine-to-machine applications. M2M continues to work with operators and vendors ensuring more efficient communication that will simplify the process.

Adding the privately owned Maingate to the Sierra Wireless company will be proven to gain focus on the network and the communications portion of the M2M process. Sierra claims that Maingate has also created a platform for carrying through with each connection. The development of personalized connectivity services for smart grid and metering applications will allow the ease of these two companies merging to work together, in turn, creating a more simple connectivity platform for each user.

Currently there are more than 500 user who rely on Wireless Maingate to provide wireless internet, mainly in the Nordic regions. Its communications platform connects approximately 500,000 devices. The devices include but are not limited to smart meters, point-of-sale terminals and home alarms.

With the purchase of this Swedish company, Sierra Wireless will prove to provide better and more simple connectivity with machine-to-machine contact. Wireless Maingate is a reliable company with many years of experience, which will allow for a smooth transaction and a reliable advantage for both companies in providing exceptional services for their clients. With all of the services these two companies will be providing each and every customer, they will find that their success resulted in a positive direction. Because Wireless Maingate will be building a more complete machine-to-machine communications platform, they will be able to provide and even more easier and faster way to communicate between devices.

Sierra Wireless has reported paying US $90 million in cash for the utilization of Maingate services. The contract transaction is scheduled to close in February.