M2M Forecast for 2015

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2015 is upon us, and carries with it a base technological level from 2014 that promises to bring on a new wave of innovation in the new year. Here’s our general projection for M2M’s role in technology for the next 12 months.

The Latest Technology in 2015

The hope of 2015 is that it will prove to have public cloud on-demand, with private control and private cloud security. This may prove to be a coming-together of network infrastructure, in reference to global networks and direct control. This will also be a real separation from the past, with everything becoming automated, which will eventually expand choices for workloads of distributed computing platforms.

Super Center Versus Distributed Cloud Computing

The Internet of Things as a whole speaks to central decision makers. While computers and networks merge, it begins to enable the communication at the core and at the edge. In order for M2M to grow broader and smarter in application, it will need locally-served global platform, with secure separation that will broaden its applicability.

The Norm

The expected norm will be that, by the end of the year, a majority of machines will have the ability to speak to other machines. This has already been partially implemented in many industries (a smartphone cannot communicate without a network), but will expand in 2015. This is where the central decision makers come in to play.

Across Europe

The “smart services” that are being provided to cities and towns across Europe will need to comply with the laws of the region. This includes performance. The larger the workloads become and the more critical the inter-process communication becomes, the more agile solutions for M2M in Europe will begin to overtake distributed computing.

The Cloud Debate Over

2014 proved to be a year filled with debate about whether or not public clouds are good or if a public cloud is bad. It is time to end the debate. The idea for 2015 is to become more distinct in the understanding of the cloud.

Cloud Evolution

There are many students of history who are focused on public cloud over the internet. They call it a “commodity” or the domain of a few. The claim is that there is a much more impactful stage of this cloud evolution. There were those who liked the 2014 model of consumption matching demand. These individuals still have their concerns in regards to the nature of workloads that could ported.