10 Machine To Machine Trends Coming In 2015

1. More Industries Joining Into M2M

 Businesses and industries have noticed that the only direction to go with the current market demands is by creating M2M capable devices. Customers are now looking for devices that can do more than just the task it was made for. Customers’ are looking for devices that have the ability to adapt to whatever task the user requires. The market competition will, therefore, lead to more companies joining into the tech. 

2.  More Investors

Investors are always looking for avenues to make profits; a few years ago, oil and real estate were the investment fronts. However, tech is the new kid on the block in terms of investment opportunities. Investment in the industry will only lead to its growth.

3. Passive Programming

Cloud storage gives you the ability of passive program; you will be able to access all your devices without being physically present. Bluetooth 4.1 will also be involved in you achieve passive programming. 

4. Wearable Tech Being More Acceptable 

Wearable tech is viewed as a luxury with no clear purpose; many see it as a sales gimmick. The fact is that wearable tech is only beginning to realize its potential. In 2015, we will see wearable tech infringe itself in more sectors. The medical area is one of the places that wearable tech will significantly influence. Wearable tech will use M2M technology to help monitor patients and monitor their vitals, even predicting illness in the near future.

5. 3D Printing

We have all seen the evolution of media advertisement, from the radio to the TV and 3D imaging. It is only inevitable that 2015 ushers in the dawn of 3D printing. This kind of printing will mean that companies have more illustrious poster banners without breaking the bank to achieve mass production. We are set to see many companies, redirecting their advertisement to billboards to take advantage of mass 3D printing. M2M technology is set to take center stage, as companies view the tech as a viable means of self-automated 3D printing machines.

6. Ambient Intelligence

Ambient intelligence is artificial intelligence, the situation where machines can learn and respond to situations. Such a situation is a little scary, but it is in the making. Ambient technology will help M2M devices interpret the situation at hand and make sound decisions without you having to lift a finger.

7. Internet Of Food

The innovation is probably the most exciting food innovation in a long time; your machines will have the ability to pick out your meals and even cook them. You will just have to ‘log-in’ to your kitchen remotely and decide what you want to eat, and the rest is left to the machines.

8. More Secure PCs

With the drastic increase in PC and cloud hacking, especially with celebrities and prominent persons, 2015 promises to increase the security in PCs. In order for M2M to be more successful in everyday devices, security must be diligent.

9. Digital Currency

Physical money is becoming obsolete by the day; we have seen the move to plastic money be quite satisfactory. Now even plastic money is about to step aside for digital currency. Digital money is more secure and readily available whenever you may need it.

10. Textile Tech

Another industry that is moving forward with tech, you are set to see the ordinary clothes you wear fitted with M2M tech. The tech will help increase your security and help in identification as well. Doctors can also monitor your health from textile tech.

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