Define Internet Of Things (IOT) 

A person with a heart monitor implant, an animal with a bio-chip transponder, a car with built-in sensors is referred to as a thing on the Internet of Things. It could be a natural or artificial object that can be given an IP address and can transmit data over a network. Internet of Things (IoT) is associated with machine-to-machine (M2M) communication in manufacturing and power, gas and oil utilities. Such products are referred to as smart.

M2M technology is best for remote monitoring. M2M is useful in warehouse management, robotics, logistics, remote control, supply chain management and tele-medicine. M2M is the foundation of the Internet of Things.

The main components of M2M Tech is cellular communication and WIFI, the two technology elements have been around for a while, but only recently been used to their full potential.

Advantages of M2M technology

M2M solutions are making your life more convenient and secure. They allow you to control and remotely manage many things that could not be done before. M2M services play an imperative role when there is a need to keep a track of inventory, fleet management, healthcare when running a business.

Advances in M2M have improved the GPS capabilities and automated processes in industries. It has made the tracking devices much more affordable and accurate. M2M solutions can be used across a variety of sectors and markets.

Use GPS devices to manage your fleet or transport tracking: Managing your fleet tracking utilizing M2M can save your company time, costs with increased customer satisfaction. A GPS tracker can be installed in all the fleet and transport vehicles.

The exact position of the vehicles or goods can be traced with the help of a GPS tracking device that can assist in determining the location of the vehicle.

Real – time Updates: You receive up-to –the-minute information about the vehicles or drivers. M2M communication helps in better production planning and reduces downtime.

Internet of things is an innovative industry of appliance and RFID corporations. It meets people’s demand for safety and connivance. The formulation of the standard supersedes the products themselves. All the organizations should try to find out the shortcoming to gain a competitive edge.

M2M technology is taking over businesses and individuals alike are embracing the dawn of a new era in technology.

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