How To Setup Your Own ISP

To begin with, an Internet service provider is an important part of the day-to-day activities as it is through these providers that we can connect to the World Wide Web.

There are various types of ISP’s that are categorized based on the services they offer. Before you set up your ISP, you have to decide whether it is going to be a DSL and dial-up service, a cable TV provider or a satellite-based service.

Business Setup

To set up your own ISP, you will firstly need to set up a business plan, including the type of ISP you wish to provide. This will help you know your customers and how you will reach these customers better. You will then need to establish your business structure. A sole proprietorship, a partnership, and a private company are popular ISP business models. You will also be required to get a license, as it is a requirement for all Internet business providers.

Location Of Your Business

You will need to locate a building that will be the home for the ISP’s data Center. The building should have raised floors so as to route cables. The building should be located in a strategic position away from signal blockage. The next step will be securing an office location for housing your employees, your computers as well as yourself.

Purchase Of Equipment

You will then be required to obtain high-speed fiber optics that will be used to connect with the upstream providers. You will make purchases on

  • – Switches
  • – Computers
  • – Enterprise-grade routers

You will then determine the number of T1 lines that will be required as per the expected customer base. Connect all your devices by introducing a hub locating all your ISP’s servers.

If you set up your ISP as a DSL, you will have to purchase and install a particular customer gateway for routing all utilities of telecommunication for a connection over the dial-up telephone system. If you set up your ISP leading web-hosting services, you will need to configure your computers to operate as virtual private servers, enabling customers to set up their virtual websites at the data center.

Starting up any ISP internet connections need a lot of dedication and time to achieve, an ISP business is no different.

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