Internet Of Things Improves Stephen Hawkings Wheel Chair

Stephen Hawkings is one of the most renowned scientists of our generation. His ideas and concepts have revolutionized science, as we know it. Suffice his great achievements; Hawkings has been paralyzed for over 30 years now. However, with Intel’s unique approach of the internet of things, his life has been made that much easier. Intel launched, ‘smart wheelchair’ with their wheelchair initiative with the aim of helping the physically challenged more.

Concepts Of The Wheelchair

The wheelchair works in harmony with the body to help the user, not only be as effective in mobility as possible but stay healthy as well.

The wheelchair can study the user’s cardiovascular activities and help tell the health status of the person. Hawkins and other ALS patients will have the chance to have their vitals continuously monitored. The disease is one of the rarest and one of the least know of. Having constant records of the patient’s status, will help the doctors better understand the disease and come up with better solutions. By continuously monitoring the wheelchair user, doctors will be in a better position to help detect any abnormal body activity. The doctors will then be able to prevent any disease that may attack the patient early and efficiently before any complications arise.

Hawkins’ Take On The Wheelchair

Hawkins having suffered from the disease for so long was able to pinpoint what a revolution the wheelchair will bring to humanity as a whole. He stated that the wheelchair will make the ‘differently-enabled’ more beneficial to humanity. Every human being has his gifts and talents, and it is up to the individual to overcome his limitations and excel. The wheelchair presents the paralyzed with the perfect opportunity to remove their limitations and excel in their life.

He also said that medicine by itself was not able to help him, but with the merger of medicine and technology, together they have helped him reach his potential. Such a statement from one of the most intelligent individuals is sure to stir up more mergers from different economic sectors leading to the creation of new market modules.

Hawkins also helped challenge other tech gurus to venture into humanitarian projects and not only venture into profit-driven projects. If more companies, venture into such projects, the world is set to be a better place for all the physically challenged people.

The Effect Of The Wheelchair To Internet Of Things Development

From such innovations, the world is able to see how IoT is beneficial in more than just a few areas. Intel showed the world that the technology could work with more sectors saving lives and creating solutions. Such a statement will undoubtedly lead to the development of it in other areas leading to better development of the internet of things.

This showed that tech is the solution and can help better the lives of many people. After the revelation, more people will be able to use the wheelchair with other IoT devices to better their lives.

The Effects Of The Revelation To Intel

After all said and done Intel is still a business, and the wheelchair showcase was a huge business advertisement to the world. They were able to show that their company has humane values and do not just focus on profit margins. Such a statement will help attract Investors to Intel’s projects growing it as a corporation. The showcase also ushered Intel into internet of things businesses quite sharply, they will now be considered front-runners in IoT technology, marking their place in history in the process.

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