Using M2M Technology to Remotely Monitor Your Assets

Machine to Machine Solutions often utilize a variety of carrier specific modems to meet their solution/deployment criteria.

Machine to Machine Technology, also known as the” internet of things” has enabled easier communication of devices and machines remotely. This has been fueled by increasing number of affordable cellular service providers, low-cost GPS hardware and easier access to the internet. M2M technologies have transformed many assets by giving them the ability to communicate with each other electronically and thus more efficient in carrying out designated tasks.

There are M2M solutions for remotely monitoring out of sight assets and eliminating the need for monitoring them in person or regular testing to ascertain their health status.  Here are their offers;

  • Real time visibility over all your assets.
  • Complete control of the assets remotely.
  • Real time alerts in cases of breakdown, emergency, and periodic maintenance notifications.
  • Real time alerts on the functioning of the engine, consumption, heat levels and many more.
  • Real time tracking by the use of Global Positioning System.

The above functions come with several benefits to you as the asset owner.

  • You get to know where your assets are (increased security)
  • Reduced breakdowns and downtimes due to foresighted maintenance and real time monitoring of the asset status.
  • Cost saving in maintenance, repair, and logistics. Wireless M2M is far much cheaper than fixed line and transport and accommodation costs of a supervisor.
  • Supply chain optimization by tracking your shipments from the port of origin to their destination.
  •  Business intelligence has argument based on real time, accurate and relevant data.
  •  It is possible to streamline business processes and enable value-added services.

M2M solutions have given rise to smart buildings, smart fleets, industrial automation and easy tracking of everything from shipments, to people and vehicles. The solutions have enabled businesses and individual keep in tabs to what is happening to out of sight assets. These solutions have certain features that enable effective electronic communication. They include;

  • Always on connectivity for real time visibility of the asset
  • End to end control of all the connected devices while supporting common protocols and open standards.
  • Ability to customize M2M solutions to enable you to specify the type of data captured and course of action.
  •  Ability to change the behavior of the communicating device remotely.

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