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Machine-to-machine has already radically transformed many areas of our daily lives by making work more efficient.

M2M Solutions To Reduce Shrink With M2M Technology In Retail

Shrink has been a significant problem that has terrorized the retail sector for decades. Many retailers continue tackling shrinking using traditional methods of trial and error. The retailers do not use the right approach to solve shrinking thus do not get to the root cause of this menace. Shrink, which is basically the difference between the stock of goods in the actual inventory of a store and the amount of stock the store should have at hand. This problem has seen U.S. retailers lose close to $40 billion to shrinking in the year 2007. M2M, the wireless communication between machines, has presented retailers with a one-off solution to shrink. M2M allows retailers to deliver superior business services while at the same time keeping the costs down to manageable levels. M2M uses devices that connect wirelessly and backend systems to contain among other problems, shrinking in the retail sector.

Shrinking Reduction

Do you want your actual inventory to collaborate with the amount of goods on your shelves? M2M can make this happen. M2M provide the solution for theft by providing retailers with mobile video surveillance. This enables you to have real-time video surveillance from your With your multiple storefronts, sites and warehouses, surveillance is critical to your operations, customer service and security. In most stores, however, video surveillance is usually locked up in a room back in the building and rarely taken seriously- one big mistake. With M2M technology, real-time surveillance is brought to your palm without the use of an extra electronic device other than your smartphone. M2M provides you with recorded feeds as well as real-time feeds showing you all the situations that happen in your premises. M2M connects your video and surveillance equipment such as cameras and alarms to either private security companies or emergency services. All this connection is wireless and this limits the risk of snipers who may want to eavesdrop on your cables. This connection is secure and very suitable for remote locations.

Benefits of Reducing Shrinking With M2M Tech in Retail

  • Get rid of geographic drawbacks by connecting remotely
  • Enhances work process by controlling and managing costs of operation
  • Rewards employees by monitoring them and identifying their behaviors such as hardwork.
  • Reduces theft by employees through real-time surveillance
  • Enhances infrastructure by upgrading your cameras and video equipment as well as
  • installation of new ones in hidden places.

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