Using M2M Technology to Remotely Monitor Your Assets

Machine-to-machine has already radically transformed many areas of our daily lives by making work more efficient.

And this trend is gathering pace. Automatic data exchange between machines is one of the crucial aspects in the ICT sector, and M2M is making it possible. Some of the M2M advantages are:

  • It ensures faster parcels arrival;
  • It provides safer driving;
  • And increase efficiency in electricity usage.

Some of the machines that employ M2M are:

  • Electricity meters
  • Containers
  • Computers
  • Alarm systems and more new ones since if you think it, it’s possible with M2M.

Smart Metering and Smart Homes

Energy sector is one of the most changing industries. These changes are witnessed in:

  • Changing price models
  • Coming up with regulations
  • Decentralization of power generation
  • In changing price model
  • In innovation of renewable technologies

M2M solutions stimulate intelligent power networks, providing utilities efficient load distribution while consumers save with smart homes and smart metering.

M2M Smart Metering

Smart meters does not only record usage, but also automate communication between consumers and utilities. Equipped with small computers they employ M2M solutions to:

  • Analyze usage;
  • Digest price information;
  • And guide loads to low-use, when possible.

Benefits for consumers:

  1. Identify electricity theft and even energy wastage
  2. Transparency better usage habits
  3. Alerts when usage hits pre-determined levels
  4. Eliminate meddling meter readers.

Benefits to energy suppliers

  1. Cost-effective smart metering with better security features
  2. Rapid deployment of cellular technologies
  3. Optimized power trading and generation
  4. Detect network theft and losses
  5. Timely error reports improving service quality

M2M Technology Helps Manage Homes

Smart homes are established on smart metering and give an increased degree of automation. M2M solutions enable intelligent power networks to communicate with innovative electrical gadgets. Intelligent power meters:

  • Supervise energy consumption;
  • Guide usage of electricity;
  • Heating;
  • Warming water.

Smart home still call for extra security in M2M connections, could be integrated into burglar and fire alarms, with encryption technologies assuring a maximum degree of security.

Benefits for consumers:

  1. Reduced energy costs and consumption
  2. Remote control and monitoring of appliances, lighting, and heating
  3. Improve gadget performance through atomized error reports

Benefits to service providers and producers

  1. Additional M2M solutions can be supplemented, e.g. security, assisted living
  2. New revenue generation from smart services
  3. Innovative services for customer

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