Efficieny Created In Utility Operations With M2M

Machine-to-machine has already radically transformed many areas of our daily lives by making work more efficient.

Efficiency Created In Utility Operations with M2M

The concept of machine-to-machine (M2M) is becoming more and more popular each day, from software and sensors that control and manage traffic flow, to keeping lights on body suits in sync with music, M2M technology is silently but surely encompassing into several, if not all aspects of humanity in the years to come. Well, soon you might find yourself operating in a “smart” office that will robotically water the flowers and open the doors for you.

How Machine to Machine Works

M2M concept is designed to allow both wired and wireless devices to communicate remotely with other hardware devices of the same type. To set up an M2M network, you will need a device that can accept and send data from remote sensors wirelessly for analysis and a computer connected to the internet. The device will receive the information that will then be analyzed by an installed software to give the relevant feedback. The feedback triggers are pre-programmed to take place. Here is an example of how M2M works.

A company that produces frozen food and distributes it to grocery stores can use M2M technology to track its trucks locations as well as monitor how quickly the products are being delivered to the stores, and when a truck is low on fuel or needs maintenance. M2M can also monitor and control the temperatures inside the refrigerated trucks and storage coolers when they get too high.

How Machine-To-Machine Technology Is Helping Live


The pacemaker is probably the simplest example of M2M application in healthcare. The pacemaker, which is a device placed near the heart is capable of monitoring heart rhythms. When the device senses rhythm irregularity, it releases pulses. Other devices similar to the pacemaker can detect a patient’s vital signs and dispense medication when need be.

Resource Management

Some essential resources such as water and electricity are vital for the success of any business. Therefore, monitoring their usage can help save your business thousands of dollars. Modern sensors and meters are designed to allow automatic switch-off of geysers and lights immediately the last employee leaves the office.


With more and more invention of specialized and advanced point-of-sale systems, retailers can monitor and provide a personalized and faster shopping experience.

The potential of M2M is unlimited. With adequate investment and interest, you could improve the quality of lives in your office.

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