Machine To Machine (M2M) Tech Helps Feed Stray Dogs 

Istanbul has one of the highest numbers of stray dogs in the world. Conventional methods of animal control, have proved ineffective, and the figures have kept on rising. Pugedon, a Turkish tech company, has come up with a unique yet efficient way to deal with stray dogs. For far too long the dogs have been a menace to the neighborhood as they rely on the residence to for feed. When the situation got rough, the dogs would steal food as well. Cases of animal attack are also common in Istanbul as the Human-animal conflict escalates. Solutions had to be found and first!

How The Machine Works

M2M technology is the principle of the machines mechanics. At the first opening, you are required to drop recyclable material. The sensors will then detect whether whatever you put in the opening is recyclable. If it is recyclable, the machine will release a certain amount of dog food on a tray below. The other opening is created for you to pour water for the dogs as well. Each time you put recyclable material into the machine, it will release food for the stray dogs.

Benefits Of The Machine

The machine has helped the country tremendously as this is one of the most humane ways to deal with strays. The animals live independently and so do not cause any bother. With their feeding needs taken care of, the animals do not need to stray from people’s home to steal a meal.

As the machine uses recyclable material as a trigger to release food, the streets of Istanbul are cleaner now. People would more readily recycle plastic with the knowledge that they are also be helping the stray animals in the city.

The citizens of Istanbul now understand the strays better; they are no longer viewing them as strays and more as un-cared for animals. The change of the people’s perspective on strays has led to more dogs being adopted by the city residences. This has resulted in a reduction of the stray dogs as well reducing human-animal conflict.

Influence Of The Dog Vendor Of M2M Technology

This may be a small step taken by one country, but every great journey starts with a stride. The dog-feeding machine may initiate the global M2M acceptance journey. The device shows the perfect scenario that M2M hopes to achieve, helping computers communicate and perform a singular task

Many people may now start trying to find more innovative solutions to the world’s problems using machine-to-machine technology. This will lead to the widespread of M2M use, it will be the first option in problem-solving eventually.

Influence Of The Machine To Pugedon, The Company

The company is set to receive instant applause from the global community; it is not every day that you find a company take the hard way in problem solving and come up with such a unique concept. The company is therefore set to get a number of Investors coming in with the aim of mass-producing the. Other merchandise from the company are now going to get a further look as it is believed if they can produce one good product, they may have another.

Influence Of The Machine To The Country

Turkey will be viewed as a tech nation; one that uses technology to solve problems rather than the more conventional way. The state will receive acclaim for accepting such a solution in the first place not many countries would accept such a project. Turkey’s name will be more marketable to investors, leading to the country’s economic rise.

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