Useful M2M Mobile Solutions

M2M technology has cut across most sectors spreading its influence in efficiently quite drastically.

Health Sector

M2M connectivity has increasingly found application in the health sector. It’s now possible to have your health monitored and reported to a medical database real time. You put on a small gadget or device that transmits information over the internet. In the case of any variation in your health status, the transmitted reading will trigger an alarm, and you will be attended to. This is more useful to people who are diabetic, blood pressure and heart problems. This technology can remotely assist doctors in monitoring pregnant mothers and their unborn babies, hence providing the required pre-natal care for the pregnant.

Dairy Sector

A complete automated M2M technology begins with the cows being milked by robots. Software integrated within the robot transmits a short message to the mobile phone of the farmer. It provides information on which cow has been milked, the milk production and the cow’s movement that may indicate the need for Artificial Insemination service.

Transport and Logistics Sector

It’s possible for you as a business person or a transporter to monitor the movement of your goods through tracking of the transport trucks. It’s also possible to know how far the train or the bus is from the passenger station, and therefore you can make arrangements to get there on time.

Asset Management

M2M mobile technology is used in asset and stock management, particularly in manufacturing and retail business ventures. It’s easier to track the movement of materials and finished goods that have been acquired by you or the goods that are in transit to the customer. With this technology, cases of loss are significantly minimized since the tracking is real time. The tracking of movement of stock from the store facilitates proper restocking in terms of quantity and within a reasonable period, avoiding shortages that can result in customer dissatisfaction and, therefore, eventual loss.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring utilizes the M2M mobile technology to offer you with solutions that will give you a clear picture on your day to day business operations. This enables you to reduce costs drastically. For example, it’s possible to monitor power usage and, therefore, taking the necessary measures to reduce wasteful consumption.

The M2M is a revolutionary technology that cuts across all sectors of life offering vital solutions.

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