Polaris Vehicles: Security and Fleet Management

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Polaris is the brand leader in Off Road, On Road, and everything in between the road vehicles. Kika’s “AL3RT”  Machine to Machine accessories offer GPS tracking that opens the door for heightened security for Polaris vehicles. From Polaris’ efficient eBikes to police ATV’s, our products are bringing fleet management into the future.

When you think of alarms you usually think of automobiles and building security; Kika’s AL3RT system is expanding the market to include ATV’s and Motorcycles. AL3RT is a fleet management accessory that aligns with the lifestyle of Polaris customers: adventurous, remote, and active. The Al3RT system connects via mobile carrier and offers LIVE tracking of your Polaris vehicle. The engineers at Kika made the AL3RT compatible with all Polaris accessory ports, hence adding this accessory to your vehicle is a breeze!

Reliable Sensors= Reliable Security

Your Polaris vehicle is in safe hands when the AL3RT system is active. Hyper sensitive sensors track even the slightest of movements and a tamper sensor alerts the user when anoying or anything tampers with the asset. The software automatically prompts the user in the event of any tampering with the vehicle.

AL3RT Software

Users can customize virtually every feature of Alert’s software from trip logs, to vehicle diagnostics, to location intervals. In unison with the mobility of AL3RT is it’s mobile friendly software; users can access via smart phone, tablet, or computer!

Cell Module & GPS Connectivity

Both are designed to work with the GPS module for wireless asset tracking and activity monitoring. The system has ultra low power consumption, fast connection times, reliability and security. The internal rechargeable battery pack lasts up to 7 days on a single charge!


Learn more about how Kika’s AL3RT can help protect your Polaris vehicle today by clicking here!