Review: The Best and Worst App Releases of 2014

Back to Blog  •  Posted on August 29, 2014 by admin

It is no secret that Apple’s iPhone is the most popular smartphone on the market. The company owns more than 41 percent of the market share, with the Samsung Galaxy a distant second with only 21 percent.

But despite its overwhelming popularity, most iPhone users are oblivious to some of the amazing features that are built in to the smartphone’s software.

1. Undo typing with a shake

Did you type something by mistake or totally butcher a text message you wanted to send to a friend? All you have to do is give your iPhone a simple shake and it will prompt you to “undo typing”.

2. Use airplane mode to charge your iPhone faster

Are you terrible about giving your iPhone time to charge? Putting the phone in airplane mode turns off all the battery draining features and helps it charge twice as fast.

3. Multi photo burst

Do you want to make sure you get a good shot? The iPhone’s camera allows you to hold down the shutter button and take a series of rapid shots. You can look through them afterward and choose the best one.

4. Snap a picture with the volume buttons

Have you ever been trying to take a picture with your phone and struggle to hit the shutter button on the screen? You can use the volume buttons located on the side of the phone as a shutter button as well.

5. Activate caps lock

Want to type in shouty capitals? It’s easy! Just double tap the shift key. A line will appear under the arrow indicating the caps lock is on. Simply tap it again to remove the caps lock.

6. Reveal timestamps for text messages

If you want to see exactly what time you sent a text message just touch the text bubble and slide your finger to the left. The timestamps will appear on the right.

7. Create typing shortcuts

Are you sick and tired of typing the same thing over and over again? Your iPhone allows you to sent shortcuts for frequently used words or phrases. Just go to Settings>General>Keyboard>Shortcuts. You can customize your shortcuts to fit your needs.