How to See Facebook Messages Without Downloading the App

Back to Blog  •  Posted on October 16, 2014 by admin

Facebook has recently required users to download the separate Facebook messenger app in order to send or read messages on a mobile device. For users who do not send many messages through Facebook, or have security and privacy worries, there are several ways to still get to Facebook messages without installing the app. This method works for both iPhone and Android apps.

From the Facebook App

  • Access messages through the main Facebook app
  • Click the install button or get app, depending on what type of device is being used
  • Allow the Facebook Messenger app to begin installing
  • Cancel the download before it can finish

Using this method, messages within the Facebook app should be available to read and send again without having to actually use the Facebook Messaging app. After completing the steps above, navigate back to the main Facebook app, click on messages, and all functionality should be returned for sending and receiving Facebook messages. Conversations will continue to open inside of the main Facebook app like normal. This method may not work for all users, and there is no guarantee what length of time this method will continue to work to circumvent downloading the Facebook Messenger app. In the event that this method does not work, follow the instructions below to access Facebook messages.

Through a Mobile Browser

If the above method does not work for a user, a second way to access Facebook messages without downloading the Messenger app is to use the phone browser to access them. This method is guaranteed to work for any user that has a browser on their device. Using the chosen browser from the mobile device, navigate to the Facebook website. Whether using Facebook’s mobile site or choosing to use the desktop version on the mobile device, click the messages tab from the Facebook website. All messages can be read and sent from this page. The only drawback to using the browser of a mobile device to access Facebook messages in this capacity is the inability to receive notifications when messages are sent to the user. If the first method does not work for a user, the only other way to get notifications of new messages on a mobile device is to download the Facebook Messenger app.