One Talk Installation & Support

Your business needs a mobile-first business communications system.

Kika Enterprises are expert in supporting and installing One Talk from Verizon. This new flexible service allow business to connect your office phone to your mobile devices and your existing LAN and broadband service. You can rely on Kika to efficiently install and support all your One Talk needs.


About One Talk

Your business is more mobile, but you still need an office phone. One Talk gives you the platform that connects all your phones and mobile devices so you can pick up when opportunity calls.

One Talk is a state of the art multi-line telephone solution built by Verizon specifically for modern businesses like yours. One Talk is perfect for today’s modern business that have employees who work in an office, on the go, remote, or a combination of both. It works natively on certain Verizon smartphones, our new Verizon desk phones, and all other smartphones and tablets from Verizon or any other service provider.

One Talk provides a set of group features that allows users within the business to work as one entity, making employees more efficient and productive. These include items like Auto Receptionist, Mobile Call Management, Short Code Dialing and Hunt Group. Desk phone users will be fully integrated with the mobile only and combo users within the business, and get the same functions as anyone on the service. If your business moves to a mobile first culture in the future, there’s no need to change solutions—One Talk allows you to migrate to mobility at your own pace


  • Instead of buying separate solutions for wire and wireless line communication, you can have one provider.
  • It is IT free… You don’t need an expensive or hard to maintain PBX system.
  • One Talk is a flexible service that can address any size and type of business.
  • small businesses can reduce costs with a single solution that supports all their employees.
  • If you have another wireless carrier, you don’t need to switch to use ONE TALK.
  • An easy to use portal administration management tool to manage lines, devices, users and features.

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Failover Solution

In today’s market, a business cannot AFFORD to be without internet

Kika’s Failover is the perfect solution supporting harmoniously both wired and wireless signals, switching seamlessly between services, keeping your business always connected to the internet.

How it works

It is an automated self-managed failover solution that supports both wired and wireless connections simultaneously that is constantly monitoring your internet’s pulse. Once a failure has occurred with the wired connection, Pulse Failover Router Solution will accurately and automatically switch between your failed connection to the wireless service, keeping your internet always on.

Your wired connection will be your primary internet provider and your backup service will be the wireless signal. We have partnered with Verizon, the most reliable wireless data provider to ensure the most efficient solution for your business.

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