How To Set Up A Router Mobile Hotspot

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Have you ever been at a hotel, gym, or public place with no Internet connection? Well now you are able to turn your smartphone into a mobile hotspot.

Setting up a mobile hotspot is easy. More and more phones now have the capability to be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot. If you have your phone with you, it is easy to get a tablet or laptop connected to the Internet.

Service providers have caught up with the idea of always having internet wherever you go, which is why companies like AT&T offer service plans for your tablet or laptop. Don’t get fooled by this, save money and use your smartphone! The iPhone and Android are the two phones that have been able to utilize this feature efficiently. However, using your smartphone as a hotspot uses battery very rapidly, so bring a charger along with you. If you frequently like to use the Internet on the go, a service plan may be the way to go for you since mobile hotspots may be slow at times depending on the level of service.

How to turn your phone into a mobile hotspot (iPhone)

Your iPhone has the ability to use its service to become a Wi-Fi hotspot. To turn this feature on you simply go to settings and then tap “Personal Hotspot” and turn it on. This will allow others to connect to your phone’s Wi-Fi and have Internet connection without using service data.

1) Find a spot with good service
It is important that you have a good service connection when turning your phone into a hotspot. If you have poor service, the feature may not work or it may be very slow.

2) Go to the “Settings” app

3) Tap on “Personal Hotspot”
It will say this on the first bundle of settings towards the top. Some service providers do not offer this feature, so if it is not there than most likely your service provider does not offer it or you do not have proper service to utilize the feature.

4) Tap on “Personal Hotspot” in the new menu
This time tap on the “Personal Hotspot” option again, it will be towards the bottom.

5) Change the slider to green and turn on “Personal Hotspot”

6) Edit your Wi-Fi password if you would like
This is how people will be able to login to your mobile hotspot. You may change the password if you would like to make it something less complex.

You can now use your iPhone as a mobile hotspot for any device to connect to!