Sierra Wireless Strengthens Position As Global Leader Of Communication Technology

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Sierra Wireless had made many wise partnerships in the past few years that identified it as global leader in providing intelligent wireless solution to worldwide customers. The partnership with Bouygues Telecom in 2012 supplied the 3G USB key for the Peugeot Connect Apps system for automobiles. The key incorporated wireless connectivity, GPS, and processing capabilities in a plug and play form. The plug in allowed touch screen connectivity by Bouygues Telecom. The service enables drivers to access real time information about traffic, weather and navigation. The Peugeot Connect Apps service also provide information about parking, hotels, restaurants, fuel stations, tourist attractions and other services traveler may be interested in. Sierra Wireless was chosen because of its experience with 3G networks worldwide, its expertise in connectivity for automotive application and the innovative products it had brought to the market.

In its partnership with Sprint, Sierra Wireless produced a 4G LTE module that joined other such modules created for Sprint including the AirPrime SL909x, the SL501x and in June of 2013, was still being verified for approval, the SL301x. The AirPrime MC7355 is a PCI Express Mini Card module that delivers LTE data speeds up to 100 Mbps. The Sprint certification is authorized in Sierra Wireless’s own laboratory which reduces the time to market. Network Vision was the project name for the rollout of the all new LTE network.

Sierra Wireless acquired Wireless Maingate, a Swedish company that provides M2M connectivity and information management services to more than 500 customers across Europe and connects more than 500,000 devices, for $90 million. Maingate also have many partnerships with leading operators, technology developers, and suppliers, and an expressed interest in smart energy. They have a new contract with Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution of the UK to provide the connectivity solution for the energy efficiency project Solvent Achieving Value from Efficiency (SAVE).They have also launched a new Connect Flex service to help M2M customers avoid mobile network operator (MNO) lock-in. This service will allow customers to switch mobile networks operators rather than switching SIM cards.

Combining Sierra Wireless and Maingate will have a wide reaching impact and provide better and more innovative products, services, and communication for all. Jason Cohenour, Sierra Wireless President and CEO, called the acquisition a strong strategic fit that will help to accelerate device-to-cloud mission with the addition of Maingate’s leading edge wireless M2M connectivity and managed services. He also believed that the M2M customers and technology platform that Maingate has will enable market expansion and accelerated services growth.

M2M or machine to machine communication systems have had a great impact on modern society not only in the utilities and industrial fields, but, especially, in the medical field. Machine to machine communications allow a patients whole medical history to be at the fingertips of the medical profession during the time of treatment as well as during follow up measures performed and needed to sustain life or improve medical conditions. This type of machine to machine communication system can also detect changes, adjust for the changes, and automatically report the incident without human intervention. It may also communicate with other agencies such as insurance companies and human service agencies. There are many more challenges that M2M technologies can take on and many eyes are waiting to see it happen.