5 Ways to Conserve Battery Life on Your Smartphone

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smartphone battery dead

Smartphone owners know how important it is to keep their phones charged in order to maintain their technology-driven lifestyles. Checking Facebook, using the GPS, and running powerful apps can quickly churn through battery life before the owner even realizes it. As a result, finding ways to cut down on battery consumption is important in today’s technological age. This article will explain some strategies to save smartphone battery life for when you need it.


adjust iphone brightness

Photo by Dan Taylor on Wikimedia Commons (creative commons)

5. Reduce the Brightness of the Backlight
While phone backlights these days are much more energy-efficient, they still consume massive amounts of power. In fact, these are one of the biggest power consumers during extended phone usage. Most smartphones allow the owner to easily reduce the brightness of the backlight, so cut down screen brightness to a minimum.


email notification

4. Cut Down Automatic Email Checking Frequency
Internet usage burns through battery life faster than anything else. Unlike texting, email services must make a new internet connection each time they check for new emails. Many smartphone owners leave this set to the default setting which usually re-checks for new emails every couple minutes. Reduce this frequency of email checking to improve battery life.



3. Turn off Location Tracking
Unlike traditional GPS services, location tracking on phones actually works by using data from nearby cell towers and WiFi connections. These location scanners are constantly working all day to calculate the geographic location of a phone. Turning off location tracking can greatly reduce the amount of battery life used when on the go.


iphone wifi disabled

2. Disable WiFi Connections
Phones with automatic WiFi detection are constantly scanning for new connections. Especially when in the car and passing many different WiFi hotspots, this can put the phone’s WiFi scanner on overdrive. Disabling automatic WiFi altogether will save tremendous amounts of battery life.

disable iphone bluetooth

1. Turn off Bluetooth
By default, most phones enable Bluetooth even though many smartphone owners never use the feature. Many of today’s cars still don’t have these features and most phone users don’t use a headset. Turn this feature off if you never use it to cut back on battery consumption. Even for smartphone owners that do need these features, selectively turning on this feature only when needed will ensure that extra battery life is available when it is needed.

By following these steps, smartphone owners will be able to enjoy their phones when they need them most.