Sprint’s New Sharp Aquos Crystal: The Good And Bad Specs

Back to Blog  •  Posted on September 1, 2014 by admin

Sprint has announced the end-of-August release of the much-anticipated Sharp Aquos Crystal phone, hailed as the closest thing to a non-bezel mobile device the world has ever seen. Considering the public’s hunger for a super-thin, attractive model that features premium display and high-quality audio, pre-order sales should be off the charts. However, before rushing to buy, it’s best to take a moment and find out what this model truly has to offer.

Taking The Edge Off
The above phrase was the somewhat official title of the New York release event staged by Sprint. The idea was to introduce the public to the new, super-slim design of the Sharp Aquos Crystal. Featuring a no-bezel top and side, this model compacts the non-screen control area to the bottom, leaving a very TV-like viewing area.The phone is just 10mm in thickness, so there is indeed a very razor-like edge. The display is 5-inch, 720p, so those who want full HD are going to be a bit disappointed. Not that Sprint has no plans for a 1080p design. The big brother of this series is called the Sharp Aquos Crystal X, which sports a slightly larger, 5.5-inch display that is truly HD. However, the bad news is that this more advanced model is initially going to be available only in Japan.The Important Specs
Aside from its thinness and beauty, the Aquos Crystal coming to U.S. Sprint stores is – for the most part – a well-designed piece of mobile communications technology. It weighs in at just five ounces, fits easily into a purse pocket, and has lower-fitted touch buttons that are easily operated. The model comes with a Harman Kardon audio and sound effects system that supports Clari-Fi. It also features LiveStage streaming.

The quad-core Snapdragon 400 SoC runs at 1.2GH and 1.5GB of RAM, pretty standard for the latest generation of phones. There is a total of 8GB of storage space, with the unit running on Android 4.4.2.

Worth The Price?
Actually, the price will vary considerably depending on the package deal ordered by the consumer. The type of contract will also affect the final cost. For the most part, this model appears to fit comfortably into the mid-range segment. Those looking for all the features of an iPhone will not find what they are looking for in the Sharp Aquos Crystal.

Having said that, the model should still sell well because of its attractiveness and overall functionality. There should be no problem with the display, and the user will be able to conform the display resolution and shape – at least to some degree – to resemble a desktop monitor. More accurate customer reviews will come in September after the public has had a chance to try out this latest offering from Sharp.