The Car in the Cloud

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Technological advancement has resulted in the synchronization of many devices and businesses. Since the inception of the internet, businesses are turning to the digital world to conduct their operations efficiently. Companies in every industry are embracing the internet and virtual business management operations. The popularity of the internet has resulted from the ease in business management coordination. Also, companies have realized that taking their businesses to the digital world saves costs while simultaneously increasing the profit margin significantly.

The ‘cloud’ has become a widely used digital technologies in the world. Since its inception, it has gained ground in almost all industries including the automobile technology. Cars are the latest devices that have joined the use of digital cloud services. According to studies and predictions, it is estimated that around 250 million cars will be connected to the cloud by the year 2020.

With the increasing amount of time you spend in your car, every automaker is striving relentlessly to make sure that they install connected automotive technology. Connected car systems will provide you with contemporary features and services in your car. These features will enhance your safety and enjoyment while you are taking a ride in the car. All automakers are dedicated to making sure that their car brands are extensively connected to increase their customer base in the market.

The most popular services and features that will enhance your driving experience and safety include the automatic crash notification (emergency Call) to obtain help promptly during an accident. The remote vehicle location identification will enable you to manage, monitor and control the movement of your vehicle at all times.

Furthermore, the vehicle usage profiles or trip reports will enable you to make sure that your vehicles stay on course at all times. The vehicle condition profiles enable users to monitor your vehicle’s performance. Thus, you will be promptly alerted when your vehicle requires maintenance. Additionally, the user experience will be upgraded to increase your enjoyment experience while taking a ride in your car.

To deliver these exemplary features, car makers are increasingly incorporating innovative cloud-based features in their automotive technology. This integration is meant for fundamental tasks like connecting your vehicle to the off-board internet and world. Also, the technology will act as a channel for data and information transfer between the cloud and your vehicle. Besides, it is a reliable access to widespread scalable data storage, analytics, and processing capabilities.

Some manufacturers have already started producing vehicles with their automobile technology connected with the cloud services. For instance, Ford already plans to increase the number of vehicles connected to their Ford Services Delivery Network that is entirely powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Recently, more automakers have launched new cloud-based programs while others evolve their existing programs. Therefore, it is evident that cloud technology is the best way to power connected car programs currently and in the foreseeable future.

With the car cloud being introduced in the automobile technology, every manufacturer must incorporate it in future brands to maintain their competitive edge in the market.  The cloud technology efficiently configures scales, manages, and dynamically updates your connected car program features and services.

As a consumer, you will have many benefits too emanating from integrated cloud automobile technology. Through your driving preferences and habits, automakers will make for you highly customized and necessary driving-centric services to suit your needs. Your car will also stream valuable information about your vehicle and driver consistently. These services will enable you to maintain your car in the optimal conditions always thus enhancing its durability.