Top 10 Mobile Hotspots

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verizon mifi hotspot

Photo by Mike Lee on Flickr (creative commons)

Mobile hotspot technology is the amazing technological advance that allows you to create your own internet hotspot anywhere that you can access cellular service, which these days is nearly everywhere in the world.

Not only can you get online, you can get multiple devices online through your own encrypted network, log into a corporate VPN on your laptop while you upload facebook selfies from your iphone, and stream a youtube video on your tablet.

But, finding the right mobile hotspot can be a difficult task for any individual. Here are the top 10 hotspots available on the market.

mifi hotspot

1. Netgear Zing Mobile HotspotThis hotspot from Sprint offers both manageability and flexibility that can be combined with global roaming, external antennas, and the new tri-band LTE network.


mifi liberate

2. MiFi Liberate

From AT&T, this hotspot offers customers fast 4G LTE data speeds, along with features like long battery life and a touchscreen that offers a wealth of information.


verizon mifi hot spot

3. Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MHS291L

This hotspot can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices in the 4G coverage areas and up to five devices in the 3G networks. It’s the perfect device for individuals who frequently travel overseas for business or who like to travel in general.


t mobile mifi hotspot

4. T-Mobile Sonic 4G Mobile Hotspot

This device is fully packed with various features including good battery life, an SD card slot, and it supports text messaging. It can also connect up to five Wi-Fi devices via T-Mobile’s 3G and 4G networks.


tep wireless mifi hotspot

5. Tep Wireless Pocket Wifi

This small hotspot is a great option for individuals who are traveling to countries the service covers. Its competitive pricing and advanced display must have for anybody who does frequently travel overseas.


daily charge mifi

6. XCom Global International Mobile Hotspot

International travelers who need a lot of data will benefit from this hotspot. This is considered the best choice for individuals who want to avoid high roaming data charges, and who want to be connected around the globe.
clear mifi voyager

7. Clear Spot Voyager

This tiny device can provide Internet access to eight Wi-Fi devices at the same time along with good battery life and a fast 4G connection. It also comes with reasonably priced data plans, and the device works immediately when it’s connected to a computer.


freedompop mifi hotspot

8. FreedomPop Freedom Spot Photon

An individual is allowed to receive 500MB of free data per month, and establishing additional data with inexpensive paid plans is easy to do. There are three plans that an individual can receive including basic, casual, and premier.


sprint sierra mifi

9. Sierra Wireless Overdrive

Connects up to five Wi-Fi devices at the same time including gaming devices, laptops, and even smartphones from other carriers. This hotspot is compact and easy to carry around, and supports memory cards and GPS capability.


huawei mifi hotspot

10. Huawei E5331 21 Mbps 3G Mobile WiFi Hotspot

This hotspot enables up to 8 Wi-Fi devices to simultaneously connect to the Internet. Additionally, it has an LED display for wireless status, network signal, and battery signal.