Top 10 Places Air Cards Let You Get Online, That You Never Thought You Could

Back to Blog  •  Posted on April 22, 2014 by admin

10. A lot of the time we simply take it for granted that there will be Internet access when visiting family members. For the instances that family members don’t have Internet access, air cards are almost a life saver.

9. It’s jarring for some people to think about, but there are still many areas of the country where wired broadband Internet isn’t available. For these areas, an air card is the ultimate solution for getting online.

8. Air cards give you Internet access in all kinds of places that you’ll go on a regular basis, with the prime example being restaurants. Many places don’t offer Internet access and the ones that do are restricted – air cards make it possible to get connected when you need to be.

7. Rural areas are an excellent example of how air cards make us more efficient. Many farmers who work out in rural areas use air cards to relay data on their crops, and other people in rural areas reap similar benefits.

6. Although many airports offer Internet access, it is often slow and unpredictable. An air card gives you a dedicated connection, meaning you’ll never lose productivity while sitting and waiting for a flight.

5. With an increasing amount of employees becoming mobile for work, the need for a portable and always-on Internet connection is increasing. Air cards that employees take with them in the field make getting work done in the most remote places a possibility.

4. Sporting events are an excellent place where air cards enable Internet connectivity. With more of sports being tied to online media, it makes sense to have a connection close by – even though it once seemed impossible.

3. If you’ve ever stayed a hotel, you’ve felt the gnaw of restlessness that comes with being disconnected. An air card solves this problem when you’re at a hotel that doesn’t offer free access.

2. Depending on what school you’re attending, you may or may not have Internet access. Being in class without an Internet connection feels like a step back into another age, so don’t let that happen to you – bring an air card and enhance the learning you’re already doing.

1. Perhaps the coolest part of having an air card is being able to connect when you’re on vacation, for example, if you’re on the beach. There’s no need to disconnect from everything, meaning you can go on vacation and not return home to a stack of unpaid bills or endless emails to sort through because you have access to everything you need through 4G wholesale air cards.