Top 10 Reasons to Own a Mobile WiFi Hotspot

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mobile wifi hotspot
Mobile hotspots are one of the best ways to take advantage of 4G technologies to save money and get the most out of the service. Since many different devices can simultaneously connect to the hotspot, mobile internet connection plan costs can be reduced. This article will explain 10 reasons why you need to own a mobile WiFi hotspot.

10. Great for the Car
Cars are a compact place where many people can sit together and enjoy electronic devices. With a mobile WiFi hotspot, passengers can use a wide range of devices from laptops to smartphones while on the go.

9. Eliminate the Home Connection
These days, many people are paying for as many as ten connections for smartphones, tablets, and the traditional home connection. By keeping a mobile hotspot at home, the need for a home internet connection can be eliminated altogether.

8. Perfect for Vacations
Many hotels charge as much as an extra $50 per night just for internet access. This means that just a few stays in a hotel can justify the cost of a mobile hotspot for an entire year. Frequent vacationers should consider these benefits carefully as an investment for the whole family.

7. Never Go Without Internet
Laptop owners are constantly looking for places that offer free WiFi connections. This often forces them to go to public places where they have to pay for food and other expenses just to use the WiFi. A mobile connection lets owners enjoy reliable WiFi access from the comfort of a hotel or parked car.

6. Faster than DSL
4G connections can be as fast as 10mb/s. Most DSL lines are less than 1.5mb/s and are notoriously slow for uploading. Even some cable connections are slower than the speeds mobile WiFi owners can receive.

5. Works Anywhere
With some carriers offering as much as 99% coverage for mobile internet nationwide, having the flexibility to use a mobile connection anywhere is a great luxury.

4. Use on any Device
Mobile WiFi owners can use tablets, smartphones, desktops, laptops, gaming systems, and much more on their WiFi hotspot. Rather than paying for a connection on each device, this can be much more affordable.

3. Take it with You
Unlike traditional hotspots that are tethered to a wall, mobile hotspots can go anywhere.

2. Share with Friends
Friends and family can all enjoy a mobile hotspot together. Since they are new technology, they can also be a great conversation piece to highlight technological expertise.

1. Very Affordable
Mobile hotspots can be purchased for less than $100, and some carriers even offer free monthly plans. Compared to paying $400/month for ten different devices to each have a mobile connection, this can be a much more affordable and versatile solution.