Top 50 Thought Leaders in the Internet of Things

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Technological internet connectedness is becoming an ever-increasing metric. Since the advent of the internet the ways in which the average user has gone online has increased dramatically. Computers, phones, and now, in some case standard appliances can all connect to the internet and the list of items that do so is ever growing. Soon feeds from news outlets, entertainment sites and stock info will reach the internet users in new and interesting ways, including, as some believe on our persons through “wearable tech”.

Today information is relayed and provided from sources such as refrigerators, cars, smart watches, and even electronic thermostats. Many “Things” are becoming the basis of a interconnected tech web that is increasing in size daily. The “Internet of Things” has become a very intriguing concept for some, and a scary one for others.

How will this data be used? What are the dangers inherent in its usage? These are questions that many, including enterprise are posing as we become more technologically interconnected. The “Big Data” stores that these new sources of information are providing is heretofore unprecedented, with information provided being expected to double every two years.

Here is a list of top 50 thought leaders in the realm of “The Internet of Things” from the site Onalytica:

1. Stacey Higginbotham
2. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino
3. Chris Young
4. Jim Stogdill
5. Steve Lucas
6. Christina CK Kerley
7. Rob van Kranenburg
8. Carla Gentry
9. Reid Carlberg
10. Dana Blouin
11. Kevin Ashton
12. Glen Gilmore
13. Maureen Ohlhausen
14. Josep di Paolantonio
15. Doug Thompson
16. Peggy Smedley
17. Chris Matthieu
18. Alex Hawkinson
19. Padmasree
20. Dr. Mazlan Abbas
21. Bill Emmett
22. Dylan Boyd
23. Claire Rowland
24. Adrian McEwen
25. Scott Jenson
26. Vinicius Senger
27. Chris Curran
28. Rob Chandhok
29. Kin Lane
30. Francisco Morcillo
31. Benjamin Cabé
32. Mike Kuniavsky
33. Andy Gelme
34. Rob Bamforth
35. Matt Webb
36. Agung Trisetyarso
37. Luc Bretones
38. Paul Wallbank
39. Tim Moore
40. Gerd Leonhard
41. Rick Merritt
42. Chris Curran
43. Gerrit Grunwald
44. Alasdair Allan
45. David Cuartielles
46. Roger Strukhoff
47. Soraya Paniagua
48. Aapo Markkanen
49. Paul Sonnier
50. Bill Schmarzo

As we connect many new thought paradigms will be exposed. Many aspects of society will achieve connectedness and much will be influenced. Mapping how these changes will occur is what these thought leaders are accomplishing daily.