Top Selling Christmas Tech Toys for the Whole Family

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The holidays are upon us! Shop our favorite techy gift ideas for 2015 today!

Gifts For Mom – 

Moms know that most things in life are captured, experienced and found while always on the go. This holiday season we have two fun recommendations for great techy yet practical gifts for all the moms out there. First we’ve got a stylish pair of tech gloves from Kate Spade. This handy pair will allow mom to keep up with texts and emails while out at the kids hockey game or skiing lessons. The second fun gadget is the DxO One Camera, which will pop right onto her iPhone for capturing all those on the go moments as if she was using an SLR! Baby’s first steps, birthday parties and more will never be the same and she will cherish those memories forever.

Gifts For Dad – 

Nobody likes a good tech gift more than dad! A few fun things we tracked down for him are the JBL Charge 2 and the new iPhone Moments Case. First up, the JBL Charge 2 is an awesome wireless and portable speaker. Whether dad’s out tailgating at a Sunday football game, out fishing with his friends, or just hanging out in the garage he can connect this high quality speaker to his phone and play all his favorite music. Next up is the Moments Case which he can also take with him anywhere he goes to capture all those fun family moments! With a handy hanging strap dad’s phone can be close on hand at all times and with an extra DSLR inspired lense, the pictures will come out better than ever!

Gifts For The Kids –

With it being 2015, it seems like there is an endless amount of tech toys for kids. Back in the day it was coloring books and video games, and now it’s robots and iPads! This year we tracked down a few fun and unique options, the brand new Lego Dimensions and the also brand new Leap Frog Epic. We love gifts that are both educational and fun, so the Leap Frog is definitely on the top of our list. This Android based tablet is packed with games, apps, the ability for kids to safely browse the web and more! The new Lego Dimensions packs are a little more fun than educational, but we still love them. As an enhanced version of your childhood lego set, with Dimensions the experience is far more technical and exciting. It’s a game of collection and assembly that no kid will be able to resist!

For The Grandparents – 

Grandparents are some of the best people to shop for. They have seen such incredible technological advances in their lives so they really appreciate the latest and greatest gadgets! This holiday season we’ve got an upgraded version of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite which boasts a higher resolution screen and enhanced features! It’s the perfect thing to get any grandparent that loves to read and to keep their favorite books handy with them anywhere they go. The second cool thing for your grandparents this holiday is a new computer printer. Although this may seem like a very boring gift, the Epson Expression printer has some really great benefits. It prints laser high quality images, perfect for all those photos sent of the grandkids. It also holds up to 2 years worth of ink at one time. Anybody can appreciate that!


So here you have it, 8 exciting Techy Holiday Gifts perfect for the upcoming season, which one will you be getting?