Unlocked Air Cards By Kika Enterprises

Kika Enterprises specializes in wholesale distribution of unlocked air cards that you can take to any laptop with hassle. Our M2M air cards are 4G cable and blazing fast. Users can simply just plug and play and move to any ISP provider.

Unlocked Air Cards For Laptops

We have air cards that can be plugged in via internally or externally. With today’s communication, you have to be able to connect to Internet at any moment. Need to email, check your social network, Facebook page, Twitter Feed, then you’ll want to get one of our unlocked laptop air cards. There are other applications that these cards come in handy for to. For example, if you need to travel outside of the county, you can use our unlocked air cards to purchase the Internet Service in the country you’ll be traveling to. If you want to sell these cards to your customer base, fill out the form to inquire on pricing and supply.

Unlocked Air Cards For Wifi

Kika also has unlocked air cards for wifi use too! Consumers can now create wifi spots in their house and stream video, check email, surf the web, check Facebook, Twitter, Pin Interest and other social network websites with blazing 4G speed. The best part about these wifi pages are that they are unlocked! Get tired of one ISP provider you can shop for another and avoid service conflicts.

Unlocked Air Cards For USB Sticks

Our unlocked usb sticks are great options for consumers that are on the go. There are a variety of applications that can use these devices. Working professionals in public service, attorneys, doctors, and business owners often need the Internet on laptops and these are a perfect solution. We sell them unlocked too! So you can avoid bias on ISP and put any provider you want. Most laptops today come with built in wifi, but there’s no M2M technology, so you’ll need a small modem for when your own the road. Contact us today and inquire about an initial wholesale bulk buy today on our usb modems.


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