Useful M2M Mobile Solutions

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Soon, this helicopter will be flying through the internet of things. Photo via Contando Estrelas on Wikimedia Commons (creative commons)

Mobile M2M technology is the very lifeblood of the internet of things. Without it, the communication that occurs between machines in motion is not even possible.

For an apparatus on the go, that means the data transfer device must be equally portable.

Say goodbye to hardwired, outlet dependent mobile hot spots, and say hello to Kika, your industry leader for all your M2M needs.

M2M modems that can deliver 4G data transfers while making their way throughout the city, state, and country are an essential component in the oncoming rush that’s developing in the transportation market.

Fleet management is made incredibly more efficient through processes that report the exact global locations data of all vehicles to a central server that can then provide commands for each of the vehicles.

Through this process a yellow cab company can direct each of its vehicles far quicker than by using a telephonic system with an operator. Each cab can be guided by telemetry, and an in dash display to the exact location of a customer who has placed an order via their smart device.

Another use case for mobile M2M technology is in pizza delivery where the driver is sent orders via a web application based on where they are in real time. They will be directed to pick up orders, and told where to take them without the use or need for a human intermediary. When autonomous pizza drones are eventually invented, even the need for a driver will be eliminated.

In another example for the use of mobile M2M technology, traffic reporting helicopters will be able to use vehicle recognition algorithms attached to cameras to file live reports from the sky to the ground exhibiting data on vehicular flow patterns, areas of congestion, and accidents, but also compare to historic data sets from previous runs as a basis for immediately calculated statistics that are displayed via novel visual information relay systems.

As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to mobile M2M technology and as the inventions that support its use come into existence it will continue to advance as an industry sector that is poised for explosive growth in the coming years.