All I Want For Christmas: Expected Top Selling Tech Toys for the Holidays

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With the holidays growing closer and closer by the minute, it’s time to start getting your Christmas shopping done. When shopping for the children in your life, you simply can’t go wrong with some of the following tech toys which are sure to be big hits this holiday season. From the MiP Robot to the My Friend Cayla smart doll, it seems as though Santa has decided that high-tech is best this year. Take a look at your child’s Christmas list to compare it with our list of the best and most expected top selling tech toys for the holidays.

MiP Robot
Every child dreams of having his or her very own robotic companion. The popularity of robots has skyrocketed throughout the years with new technology being added to make the latest models completely unique and lots of fun. The MiP Robot is sure to be a top-seller this Christmas. This self-balancing robot uses a mobile inverted pendulum principle. This allows it to balance itself upright in the same way that a Segway does. To control the MiP Robot, children (and adults!) can simply wave their hands in front of him. Additional controls can also be accessed through the MiP Robot application on tablet and smartphone devices. From dancing to performing cool tricks, this tech toy does it all.

VTech Kiddizoom Smart Watch
Say goodbye to that boring old watch and hello to the VTech Kiddizoom Smart Watch. This smart watch is designed specifically for children ages 5 through 12. The watch boasts a 1.4 inch touchscreen where kids can access their camera, photos, video recordings, games, a unique voice changing effect and more. Kids can also select from 50 different watch display themes, making it easy to always switch up their style. This tech toy is available in three different colors for boys and girls.

My Friend Cayla
While My Friend Cayla may appear to be your ordinary 18″ doll, she boasts a wide range of unique features that set her apart from the rest. This interactive smart doll has the ability to carry on a conversation and answer simple questions. The doll connects to the internet through smart devices that are running the My Friend Cayla app. She searches the web for the correct answers to questions and always ensures that they are age-appropriate.