What Are M2M 4G Solutions?

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computer chip

Photo via Chris Roberts/MOD on Wikimedia Commons

Machine to machine communications, also known as M2M, are the technology that form the basis for the so-called “Internet Of Things” or IOT.

There are various industrial, healthcare, home automation, fleet management, and many other applications for this technology which is expanding at a rapid rate as new chips, processors, modules, and hardware are created to meet its needs.

But one thing hasn’t changed, most people are unfamiliar with the terminology behind the technology, or the bandwidth that promotes its use.

Wireless data transmission, sometimes across vast distances, is best accomplished by a 4G modem. Whereas slow baud rates from landlines restrict how much data is pushed between devices and how fast, 4g is a blazing fast speed which opens the technology to infinite new possibilities.

Just think about it. a 4G mobile data transmitter can use radiowaves to communicate the GPS coordinates of an ambulance to the machinery needed to save the life of the patient in it, automatically, and without need for a human to make it so.

A 4G mobile hotspot from Kika can be used in the construction industry to send the company’s president in New York City live data in the form of pictures, text, video, and equipment readings from a condo project in Miami.

It can be used to tell your house the moment you leave your office so that by the time you arrive the air is cool, the lights are dim, your favorite song is playing, and your refrigerator is offering you recipe ideas based on what’s inside of it. It also can trigger your refrigerator to create a delivery order from the supermarket for whatever ingredients may be missing.

The possibilities are literally endless, and now that Kika is offering 4g mobile hot spots that address the needs of inventors to push more data faster, their ingenuity will take shape in the form of a new generation of automated products that push M2M technology to the full potential of its abilities.