What Are M2M Utility Solutions for Machine To Machine Communications?

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Photo via Arne Groh on Wikimedia Commons (creative commons)

In the very near future, when your electricity goes out, your meter will report it directly to your provider, your provider will send a message back to your meter, and then your meter will text your phone and email you with an update on when the service will be restored.

Aggregate data will be compiled about the outage automatically and you will be able to live track it on a map of your neighborhood.

This is all thanks to the power of Machine To Machine communications, also known as M2M.

M2M for utilities are going to revolutionize the ways that we use, track, and pay for our water, and electricity, and it’s going to be a veritable goldrush for companies who can quickly invent the systems by which we do so.

One thing that is clear is that the key is connectivity, and connectivity is created by a data infrastructure that is fast, reliable, infinitely scalable, and capable of pushing more than just bits of data, more like big files of the multimedia variety.

M2M utility solutions are propagated by Kika’s industry leading hardware, including 4G solutions that allow communications between machines in opposing remote locations.

These products can be used in a limitless variety of applications that we will now explore.

In the not too distant future your new electronically enhanced intelli-toilet will communicate with your water meter, kitchen sink, and bathroom faucet about who is using the most water, what time of day they are doing so, and how efficiency precepts can be placed in order to lower the monthly bill.

The lightbulb in your room will communicate with the lights in your kitchen so that when you wake up in the morning each will turn on and off automatically. Every month your meter will create a spreadsheet based on these and other data and send you a pie graph about it automatically. These data sets will be far more detailed than the ones currently provided by Automatic Meter Reading systems because the machines will report to each other on a quicker basis. Soon, all data will remain in motion between all motions via sync systems that report at all times, in real time.

In conclusion, M2M utility solutions are best facilitated by the leading manufacturers of 4g mobile hotspots such as those created by Kika Enterprises. Inventors and innovators of the world, we salute you, and look forward to seeing the various ways we change our lives for the better using these technologies.