What Does M2M Technology Do?

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Our technological society stands in the golden era of the Information Age. First we democratized data so that anyone in the world with an internet connection could join the global information superhighway. Now, we’ll do the same for machines. Here we stand proudly at the dawn of a new era in the information age where machines that talk to other machines will make our lives more efficient, convenient, comfortable, and streamlined than ever before.

It’s all a function of the power of the internet of things, and it can only exist thanks to M2M technology. So, what is M2M technology you ask? Well, it is the means by which networked computers facilitate communications between the objects they are hosted on and react accordingly without the aid of human interaction.

It provides the framework for each of the lightbulbs in your home or office to report their exact usage statistics and power consumption to your electric meter, which could then text or email you the data.

It’s a cutting edge use for a technology that has actually been around longer than the cellular phone. Among its earliest uses is the Caller ID feature that told people who was calling their phone way back in the days of landlines.

Simply put, M2M is a form of computer networking that forms the basis of interoperability between networked devices. Today, the innovations are occurring around doing so wirelessly. Machines that share data are able to act and react according to what they send each other.

This allows for the new levels of interactivity between smart devices that forms the backbone of the Internet Of Things.

New levels of interconnectivity allow for seamless integration of the physical space with the virtual space as facilitated by radio signals triggered by a variety of stimuli.

In conclusion, machine to machine communication technology pushes our devices ever farther into the great future we are mapping with each new app, wearable, and smart device, and Kika proudly stands at the helm of this incredible age while ever strident in the  shaping of its future.