Can Utilizing M2M Solutions Help Me or My Business?

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M2M Solutions, machine to machine

The world today is more connected than ever and the way that we communicate is transforming and evolving every single day. Nowadays, technology is not only connecting people to people and people to machines, but technology is also connecting machines together with other machines on a global scale, which is constantly changing the way we live and do business.

M2M solutions can be seen everywhere, if you know where to look. From real-time adaptive traffic control systems and smart waste management, to enhanced household items and dynamic advertising content systems which target individual customers, M2M options are becoming more and more available and they can help your business deliver better operational agility and better customer engagement.

What is M2M?

Mobile to mobile solutions turns remote objects into intelligent assets. You may have heard of M2M referred to as the Internet of Things. But, M2M actually stands for machine to machine. M2M uses a variety of technologies to turn your everyday objects, like HVAC systems and alarm clocks, into smart tools by connecting those physical objects or machines to the internet. This means they can communicate and share information without the need for human intervention.

First, sensors or other electronic devices are attached to a remote object or machine. Then, depending on the object’s function, the sensors or other electronic devices will capture relevant data and will transmit that data wirelessly to a central server where it is translated into meaningful information. Consequently, information or messages can then be relayed the other way to alter or update the way the machine is behaving. For example, “the machine is running too slow; speed it up.”

How can M2M benefit my life or business?

There are a multitude of smart home and office services that can be enhanced with M2M solutions, including everything from remotely operated security alarms to remote health monitoring systems. For instance, M2M technology can monitor and analyze your business’ energy usage, which will give you access to the information you will need to save on utility costs and more.

Also, with asset tracking, you have the power to know the location of your assets, such as a fleet of delivery trucks or the products being transported in them, with all their status information instantly at your fingertips. Best of all, this can be achieved on a global scale.

Whatever industry your business is in, utilizing M2M services will allow your company to innovate and in turn grow. You will be able to do much more with much less. Just imagine what services you can offer your customers when you know what your machines are doing.

What M2M solutions are offered by Kika Enterprises?  

At Kika, we realize that different M2M solutions will often utilize a variety of carrier specific equipment, particularly modems, to meet their solution or deployment criteria. That is why we stock a constant supply of a wide variety of warrantied devices for immediate shipment from Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and more.

Our ability to provide hard-to-find equipment has made us a favorite among M2M companies and major carriers for their machine to machine solutions. We are currently servicing M2M companies in the following fields: ATM Solutions, Fleet Management, Payment & Transaction, Utility Solution, Taxicab, Back-up Data, Automotive, Smart Metering, Government , Medical Solutions, Retail Solutions, Remote Asset Monitoring

Contact Kika Enterprises toll-free on 1-800-388-1160 for your M2M solutions needs and for those hard to find M2M products that will help your business keep pace with the pace of technological innovation, at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay.